Safe and secure packing of your items

We will quickly assess your packing needs and securely pack your items for shipping



Domestic and International shipping via FedEx, US Postal Service and DHL and Rental mail boxes with 24hr access

  • We can ship your already packed item quickly and easily and offer express services (overnight, 2 day and 3 day economy service)
  • Easy and convenient drop off of your prepaid shipments
  • Pick up times that work for you!
    • 5:00pm FedEx ground pick-up (M-F)
    • 6:00pm FedEx express pick-up (M-F)
    • 4:00pm postal pickup (M-F)

Packing and Shipping supplies

  • Boxes! Boxes! Boxes! We have the perfect box for your shipping needs. 200 lbs test strength construction with fully glued seams
  • Bubble wrap! Available in ½” and 3/16” thickness and 12” & 24” width
  • Packing peanuts! Anti-static packing peanuts to protect your delicate items
  • Tape, shrink wrap, desiccant packs and blank newsprint
  • Padded mailer, stay-flat mailers and clasp envelopes in the most popular sizes
  • Gift Boxes – All shapes and sizes!
  • Small and medium size mail boxes at competitive prices
  • 24 hour access
  • Receive packages and standard mail

Special Offers

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